10 Online Money Making Skills you can Easily Learn

If you are looking to make a little money, check out these 10 skills you can learn easily.

10 Online Money Making Skills you can Easily Learn

The internet and social media have made it easy to for anyone to learn and master a skill to earn money online. There are courses and resources around every corner to learn a new skill or master one you are already doing. If you are looking to make a little money, check out these 10 skills you can learn easily.


Anyone can write, but few have the skills to write well. Writing is a skill needed for many different industries and valuable if you run a small business or just want to earn some freelance cash. Copywriting, ads, blogs, sales pages, publications, and even online courses are a few opportunities for good writers.


Sales is a part of every business. If you can sell, the opportunities to earn money is unlimited. Products, courses, and services are always looking for help growing sales. Books on selling are just as endless. Learn how to sell and you will have a valuable skill needed in any business on the planet.


Investing is one of the keys to generating wealth and financial independence. Learning how to invest your money will pay dividends throughout your life. There are many books courses, and newsletters to teach you how to invest and where to put your money.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has the highest ROI in selling products and services online. The ability to convey a message or offer through a direct channel like a personal email is a valuable skill to have. Email marketers can work directly for a brand or even on a freelance basis to help generate sales via the inbox.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is still a relatively new channel in media and advertising. The ability to reach a targeted audience is ever changing and a great skill to learn. Social media marketing needed by just about every brand and business on the planet. Most newer brands have built their sales channel through social media marking, however many of the older brands don't even know where to start and are looking for the younger generation to help out.

Web Design

Web design is a valuable and high earning skill as every brand, business, and publication needs to be online. The design tools and applications will be ever-evolving so staying up on the latest trends and industry standards is a must. Web design can be a great side-hustle that can easily turn into a full-time money maker.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has taken off recently as more influencers and individuals learn about the power of earning money from promoting other's products and services. Affiliate is simple to start and scale into big bucks as you grow your audience. Affiliate marketing is a great skill to learn for bloggers and influencers.

Data Research and Entry

There is a lot of data out there that needs to be collected and presented to businesses. Data entry is a simply taking information and putting it into a spread sheet or specific data entry application. Data research involves finding answers or information online and collecting results for a client.


Similar to data entry, transcribing involves entering information into a spreadsheet, word processing application or word document. Many times transcribing requires listening to an audio or video and putting into words.


If you have a skill or knowledge that others would be interested in learning - teaching or creating a course is a great way to make some extra money. There are many educational marketplaces where you can record or provide your knowledge to others in the community. You could also create an online course or ebook with your skills.