10 Stress-free Side Hustles for Introverts

The opportunity to earn extra cash from side hustles remotely are perfect for introverts. Remote side hustles provide introverts with the opportunity to make money on their own time without worry of a daily commute or distraction of others.

10 Stress-free Side Hustles for Introverts

It's 2022 – the new social resides behind a screen, which is perfect for us introverts. The way we work is also evolving to allow more opportunities for remote work and freelance creative projects – two more introvert checks.

The opportunity to earn extra cash from side hustles remotely are perfect for introverts. Introverts are known to be reserved, quiet and work better alone without distractions. Remote side hustles provide introverts with the opportunity to make money on their own time without worry of a daily commute or distraction of others.

If you are an introvert and looking to earn some extra money – check out these 10 side hustles for introverts.

Graphic Design

Many introverts are also creative – it must be in our DNA. Every business needs design work – logos, business cards, ads, social media posts, product design, packaging design, etc. etc. If you enjoy creating – put your portfolio on a place like fiverr or upwork.

Web Design

Every business needs a website, blog, and newsletter. Building websites as a freelancer today is easier than ever with tools like squarespace, wix, shopify, and wordpress. Just about anyone can launch a website – but creating a stand-out that gets traffic is something many companies will pay big bucks for. The key to becoming a successful web designer today is learning the skills such as search engine optimization (SEO), content strategies, copy writing, social media integration, and online advertising.

Writing & Copywriting

Just as important as having a website – businesses need writers and copywriter to better communicate with their audience. There are so many ways a freelance writer can earn money: copywriting, blog writing, ghostwriting, editing, and even proof reading. Finding a niche as a freelance writer will allow you to find better clients and charge higher rates. Start your own writing blog to share your work and use sites like twitter and medium to reach new clients.

Social Media Management

This may sound contradictory, but "social media" is a great place for introverts to make money. Managing social media as a side hustle lies in the power of networking – but most often from behind the screen. As a social media manager, you can managing clients' websites and social media accounts, engage with their audience, and manage comments and reviews on their social pages. Social media is an important part of online branding – and its often too time consuming for brands to manage themselves.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is also a great gig for introverts. Virtual assistants routinely interact with only one other person – as their virtual assistant. Common tasks for virtual assistants include reading/writing/responding to emails, scheduling appointments, managing calendars, posting content on websites/social media. Virtual assistants are a great job for those who like being busy and can multi-task.


Blogging is a great side-hustle for introverts because it can be done from anywhere, anytime, with minimal (or no) interaction with others. Blogging takes time to start earning money however. But once you have been blogging for a few months and start gaining traffic you can earn income passively through ads and sponsorships. The key to making money as a blogger are to find a specific niche you can be an authority, create quality content on a consistent basis, and learn search engine optimization so you can gain search traffic.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is great for those that already have a large and loyal following on social media. You can earn money by promoting a brand's latest product or service. Each sale you send their way earns you a percentage or commission. The potential income you can make through affiliate marketing is virtually unlimited, depending on the size of your target audience and their buying trends as consumers. The key is to choose the right brands and products that your audience is interested in.

Dog Walking

Most introverts would rather spend time with animals rather than other humans. This makes dog walking a perfect side hustle. Find busy people in your community and offer to take their dogs for a walk or even let them out and feed them when the owners are not around. You can use an app like Rover or Wag to find clients in your area.

Audio & Video Editing

Have you ever hear of podcasts or YouTube? Independent audio and video programs are taking over the way we consume information. New shows, brands, and experts launch content everyday. Many times the content creators sub out the editing to freelancers. If you know how to edit audio and video, there could be a lot of work – and a lot of money to be made.

Day Trading

Ok, so we do not often recommend day trading here at The Afford – we tend to focus more on long-term investing. However, we do acknowledge that some people do earn good money as day traders. The key is to understand the risks and learn the skills before risking any money. The problem with day trading is that many new investors confuse it with an easy way to get rich. Day trading is an easy way to get poor – if you don't know what you are doing.

If you are interested in learning how to make extra cash by day trading, read a few books, take a few courses and dedicate time to learning how it works before you get started.