50 Side Hustle Ideas to make an Extra $100 in 2022 (FREE GUIDE)

Whether you need extra money to cover the bills, looking for passive income, want to start a side business, or just looking to build up your investments, 2022 has never been a better time to make extra money in your spare time. Here are 50 ways to make $100 in 2022.

50 Side Hustle Ideas to make an Extra $100 in 2022 (FREE GUIDE)

Who couldn't use a few extra bucks? Whether you need extra money to cover the bills, looking for passive income, want to start a side business, or just looking to build up your investments, 2022 has never been a better time to make extra money in your spare time.

There are 1000's of ways to make an extra buck. We have put together a list of our 100 favorite ways that just about anyone can earn an extra $100 a month, a week or even in a day.

Many of these money-making ideas can be done from the comfort of your home and computer (or phone). High speed wireless, google, and social media can connect you with an endless supply of clients.

Some of these ideas require a little more hustle than others, and some ideas may even help you get out of the house and get some exercise.

I have been working several side-hustles for the past 10 years. I started by designing websites late at night to supplement my tiny income. Then I started a photography business to pay for travel and activities. I have started several e-commerce ventures and online publications. Friday Digest originally started off as a fun side hustle and is now blooming into a fully functional media company.

A little extra money can be life-changing - allowing you to pay off debt, save for a rainy day, invest for the future, and even perhaps hit it rich.

There is something for everyone in this list of 100 ideas. You can find something that fits your lifestyle, your interests, your abilities, and how much time and hard work you want to dedicate to your new side-hustle.

Benefits of starting a new side-hustle:

  • Save for a rainy day
  • Save for a big purchase such as for a down payment on a house
  • Pay off debt
  • Invest for retirement
  • Travel
  • Start a business
  • Create additional income streams
  • Learn a new skill

Dedicate as much time to your side hustle as your lifestyle will allow. Obviously the more time you dedicate the more money you can make.

I started Friday Digest as a side hustle at night along side from my full-time job. I dedicated an hour a day to building the blog, creating new content, and marketing this publication. Every Thursday I spend two hours putting together the digest from the links I have collected and content created throughout the week. Today the digest earns money from our advertising partners and has become my full time job.

The side hustles below are broken up into three categories: Online Side Hustles (create or sell something online), Solo Businesses (a small business you can start), Part-time gigs (part time employment), and Other Income Ideas (other passive ways to earn money).

Here are our favorite 50 side hustles to earn $100 👇

online side hustles to earn $100

Online Side Hustles to earn $100 a month, $100 week, and $100 day

Online side hustles are the most popular amongst younger and tech savvy individuals. You can work from anywhere in the world and you have access to millions of people. Check out these side hustle ideas.

Start a blog

If you have an expertise, niche, or topic you are interested in sharing - a blog is the way to go. You don't need to be an expert to get started – just the willingness to write consistently and promote your blog to find new readers. You can earn income from advertising, paid subscriptions, or promoting affiliate programs. A blog is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income. You will need to find a place to host your blog and social media network to promote it.

Answer Questions

Use your knowledge to help others – and earn $ for your time. Course Hero is a website that helps high school and college students with questions they have on school work. Sign up as an educator and get paid for helping others.

Write an ebook

Another way to earn money for your knowledge is by writing an ebook. Ebooks can be published on a number of online marketplaces or your own website or blog. Pick a topic you know well, and share your knowledge.

Sell printables

If you are creative, selling printables on Etsy can be a great side gig. Etsy is a creative marketplace where you can sell anything from crafts to printables. Printables are PDF files that people can easily print out and use for almost anything – drawing, coloring, organization, a daily planner, and helpful guides.

Facebook Ads

Social media marketing is a skill that just about every small business needs – and often does not have the time or expertise to do. Learn how to create and scale facebook ads. There are a ton of courses that will teach you this skill that you can offer to small brands and businesses.

Social Media

Just like small brands need ads – they also need someone to run their social media. If you have what it takes to grow and engage with an audience on social media you could offer your services to small businesses.

Be an Influencer

If you have a good size social media following you could be an influencer for brands looking to get exposure for their products. Simply reach out to any brands that relate to your audience and apply for their influencer or affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting someone else's brand or product on your own blog or social media channel. The company will pay you a set rate or percentage of every sale they receive from your unique link.

Write product reviews

Online businesses are always looking for new reviews of their products. Reach out to products you use often and ask if you can write reviews of their products. If you're a tech junkie you may be able to find paid reviews on blogs or affiliate programs.

Freelance writing

If you enjoy writing – blogs and online publications are always looking for new content to share. Check out Upwork and Fiverr for gigs. BTW, Friday Digest is always looking for new contributors – reach out here.

Transcribe Audio

Transcriptionists take audio files and turn them into a text format. Many bloggers and YouTubers hire transcribers to convert their content into text to share on their websites. If you are a fast typer, this could be a great gig.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are simply a remote task master for a business owner (or busy person). Tasks could include social media management, formatting and editing blog posts, scheduling appointments, booking travel or accommodations, email replies, and customer service. Get paid to do simple tasks for others.


Are you good with numbers or accounting? Keeping the books for small business is a gig that pays well. And surprisingly, you don’t have to be an accountant or have any previous experience to become a bookkeeper online.

Start an online store

E-commerce is huge, everyone seems to be selling online today. Shopify has made it ridiculously easy to launch your own online store. You can make your own goods to sell, or you could create your own brand of an existing product.

Edit Podcasts

Podcasting has blow up in the past few years, and many podcasters need help editing their audio and adding music. If you have audio editing skills, this could be a great side hustle.

Sell stickers

If you enjoy design or drawing – creating and selling stickers is a fun way to earn cash. Sell your custom artwork on Etsy or Shopify. Build a brand and promote your work on social media.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTubers are making a killing creating videos online. Talk about anything that can entertain or educate others. Earn money from ads on your video. Work to create a following and get people to subscribe to your channel.

Data entry

There is a lot of data out there and much of it needs to be formatted and entered into a database. Data entry involves adding, verifying, and editing electronic data. Being a fast typer with an eye for detail are two skills you’ll need for this job. Check for gigs on Upwork.

Sell items on Amazon

You may or may not know – but many of the items sold on Amazon are from regular hustlers just like you and I. It's called Amazon FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). You create (and register a brand) on Amazon marketplace, send your goods to their fulfillment centers, create a listing, and watch the sales and review come in. There are thousands of people making a killing selling their own brands on Amazon.

Flip items on eBay

Like Amazon, ebay is a huge online marketplace for secondary items. You can find and bid on just about anything. You could collect items of value or interest to others such as popular toys, hobbies, or hard to find items and re-sell them for profit on ebay.

And lastly...

Publish an online newsletter

Not that we need any more competition... but starting an online newsletter is a great gig. We started Friday Digest as a simple email-only newsletter to a handful of our closest friends. Now our little publication is a full online publication that delivers to nearly 10,000 inboxes each week. We earn money from our advertising partners.

Choose a niche, create an opt-in website for people to subscribe, and send a newsletter on a regular basis. It takes a while to establish an audience, but when you do find out what they are interested in – and deliver it regularly. When you get to 1000 subscribers you can start including sponsors or even charge readers if you deliver something of great value.

Start a Solo Business to Earn an Extra $100

Side hustles can also be actual businesses that you operate in your spare time or on the weekends. These solo businesses require you to use your hands and deliver a product or service for others. Often times these types of businesses can develop into a lucrative full time job. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Lawn Care

If you have a lawn mower and basic yard equipment you can easily make money by taking care of your neighborhood lawns. Start by mowing lawns, killing/removing weeds, cleaning gutters, raking leaves, and anything else your neighbors are willing to pay you for. Every season offers new opportunity for some type of yard maintenance, this can turn into a year round job. Before you know it you could be hiring your friends and pulling in 100k a year!

House sit

Get paid to watch someone’s house while they are away – take in the mail, water plants, care for the pets, and so on. House sitting is an easy way to learn a little extra cash for friends, family, and neighbors. Plus the freedom gives you time to work on other side hustles.


House painting (interior and exterior) is a task many homeowners are more than happy to pay for. If you are a good painter and organized, a solo painting business could earn you a killing! Promote your services on facebook.

Dog walking

If you enjoy animals, then walking dogs can be a great gig. Walking dogs and pet sitting can be as easy as going over to your client’s home to check in a few times a day, you may be staying at their house, or the animals may be staying with you. Check out Rover to find people looking for a dog walker or pet sitter.

Teach Music

If you can play a musical instruments – odds are you can find others that want to learn to play. Many schools or music stores offer lessons that you could teach.

Snow removal

If you get snow – odds are there are people nearby that need it removed. A snow plower can make as much money in one day after it snows than others do in a week. Obviously you will need a plow, snow blower or shovel (and a healthy back) to get started.

Child care

Parents need a break (believe me I know...) and many times that requires someone to watch the kids. If you are good with kids, babysitting could be a great gig. Bonus points if you have patience, are CPR certified, and can finger-paint.

House Cleaning

No one enjoys cleaning – and some people are too busy to keep up with a clean home. If you are good at cleaning those hard to reach spots (and enjoy it), then you should have no trouble finding clients. Cleaning can pay up to $25 an hour.

Car Detailing

Car washes are great for the exterior, but a full car detail makes any automobile look brand new. A good car detailer can charge $100 per hour for a professional detail.

Pool Setup/Cleaning

Everyone enjoys having a pool, but the opening, closing, or keeping it clean is not so fun. If you know how to properly open, close, and clean a pool, you can make an easy $100 on just a couple of jobs. This is an easy repeat job each season – you just need a few customers.

Rigging up the Christmas Lights

Hanging Christmas lights is tedious and dangerous task for many homeowners. The past two years I have noticed small businesses that offer to hang them for you, and some even rent out the lights. If you dont mind heights, this could be a great gig!

Be a Task Rabbit

Have you heard of TaskRabbit? People who need a same-day handy man can go to Task Rabbit to find someone to fix something, unclog something, or put something together. If you are handy, offer your services to others.

Move things

Most people who are moving from one house to another don't have access to a large truck or the muscle to move the large boxes and furniture. Buy or rent a moving truck and grab a couple buddies to start a weekend moving business. Dont forget to lift with your legs!

Carpet Cleaner

Almost every home has carpets – and they likely have not been professionally cleaned lately. Have you ever cleaned your own carpets? If so, go rent a machine and offer to clean someone else's.


Photography is not only a fun hobby, it can also be a lucrative side hustle. The options are nearly endless to make money with your camera. You could photograph weddings, children, family's or you could go the commercial route and photograph for businesses and brands. Thanks to the popularity of social media, brands need lots of juicy content to share with their followers.


If you enjoy baking – and are good at it – you could offer custom baked goods for birthday parties, private parties, and other events. People are always looking for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and pastries for private events. Start by sharing your baked goods on social media and start looking for private events to cater.

part time gigs to earn $100 a day

Part time gigs where you can earn $100 a day

Part time gigs are a great way to earn money on a more consistent basis. Many times as an employee for another established business will get you extra benefits as well. Here are a few popular part time gigs you can find locally.


If you have a reliable vehicle, driving others around can be a great side hustle. Many ride share drivers earn up to $20 per hour. Sign up with one of the popular ride share programs Uber of Lyft to get started.

Deliver Food

Grub hub is a food delivery service where you pickup food from restaurants and deliver it to people's homes. You could spend your weekends and day's off delivering food.


If you have bartending experience you could easily find a part time job at a bar, restaurant, catering company, and more. Everyone seems to be hiring right now. Since the hours for this are usually later in the evening and on the weekends, it could easily fit with your regular 9-5 job schedule. If you have never bartended, take a class and learn a new skill.


Restaurants are hurting for help right now. A good waiter or waitress can make really great money in tips at a popular restaurant.


If you have a flexible schedule during the day, enjoy teaching (and kids) a substitute teacher could be a great side gig. In some districts, substitute teaching can pay $100 per day. There is desperate need for substitute teachers right now!


This could be the coolest gig on the list. Get paid to hang out at the beach, lake, or swimming pool. Most lifeguard positions only require a weekend course or CPR certification.


Most soccer refs make $25-$50 per. Officiating youth sports typically requires a certification class that you can get online. Get paid to run around a field and yell at kids!

Teach Exercise or Yoga

If you know yoga, Zumba, jazzercise, cycling or any other activity that can be found at a local gym, apply to be an instructor.

50 ways to earn an extra $100

Other ways to earn $100

These side hustle ideas didn't fit in our other sections, but they are all great ways to earn an extra hundred bucks.

Sell your stuff

Clean out the basement, garage, and closets of all the stuff you no longer use and sell it on ebay, craigslist, or have a garage sale.

Sell your giftcards

If you have gift cards sitting around you don't plan to use sell them on cardcash.com. You wont receive the full value but you can exchange cash for something you may never use.

Rent out Your House

If you are planning on taking a vacation you can list your home on AirBnb.  Or you can rent a room if you have a spare bedroom.

Collect and sell scrap metal

All you need is a pickup truck truck and and a pair of gloves to collect and cash in on scrap metal. Find a local scrap yard and put an ad on craigslist and facebook that you will pick up their scrap metal for free. The scrap yard will pay you for the metal to be recycled.

Mystery Shopping

This is one of the most popular recommendations when it comes to making extra cash, because who does not like shopping and earning money. Find a reputable company like Mystery Shopping Providers.