6 Finance and Investment Books to Read in 2022

Looking to learn about personal finance and investing in 2022? Check out these 6 great books.

6 Finance and Investment Books to Read in 2022

As you've resolved to improve your finances,  what better way to kickstart your financial independence journey than to buy and read the best finance and investment books. Plus, you gain loads of financial knowledge by reading books from financial experts. Remember, that knowledge is power, and knowledge when implemented helps you achieve your goals. Check out our list of the best finance and investment books to read in 2022.

The Psychology of Money

In Morgan Housel's book, The Psychology of Money, you will learn how to maintain a good relationship with money and how to make intelligent economic decisions. A key takeaway from this book is two important money skills; getting money and keeping money.

According to Morgan, “Getting money requires taking risks, being optimistic, and putting yourself out there. But keeping money requires the opposite of taking a risk." Read this book to learn more about the power of compounding.

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

In I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi provides practical and easy strategies for improved personal finance. These strategies include; managing your credit, optimizing your bank accounts, preparing to invest, knowing what to invest in and how, automating your money transfers, and using conscious spending. With helpful illustrations, Ramit demonstrates how anyone who is committed to gaining financial freedom can start the journey in six weeks.

Simple Path to Wealth

The Simple Path to Wealth is one of those books that borders more on a practical and no BS way of life. Although the nuggets from this book can help you make better financial decisions, more importantly, it helps create a new attitude that is focused on building your F-You Money. Collins teaches a simple formula to become financially independent – save aggressively (50%), invest your money in low-cost index funds, never pull out of the market when it tanks, and most importantly, avoid debt. This book is an enjoyable read.

Little Book of Common Sense Investing

If you are considering investing in mutual funds or index funds as a way to diversify your portfolio, then you should read The Little Book of Common Sense Investing. John Bogle demonstrates with practical examples why investing in index funds managed by yourself is better than investing in mutual funds managed by fund managers. Bogle states that to get the best ROI, broadly diversified index funds with minimal charges should be held for the long term.

This book is an eye-opener and a worthy read to gain investment insights and most importantly, to make informed investment decisions.

Total Money Makeover

This book takes the teaching of personal finance to a whole new level. Dave Ramsey explains the main reason why folks get in trouble with their finances – people's attitude towards debt. He illustrates this problem with convincing data that shows how terrible debt is. A major takeaway from Total Money Makeover is that financial freedom is 80% behavioral and 20% knowledge-based. This book is a good read if you want useful steps to take responsibility for your finances.

Your Money or Your Life

Although Your Money or Your Life was written over two decades ago, its financial principles and strategies can transform how you relate to money. In this book, Joe and Vicki explain that before individuals can change their financial woes they must initially adjust their beliefs and ideas about money. Both authors proffer a nine-step program that can aid readers on their quest for financial independence. The book is full of experiences and stories of folks who implemented the program. You too can change your financial woes for the better.