6 Ways to Avoid Burnout at Work

Try these 6 ways to avoid work burnout. Burnout leads to self-doubt, energy depletion, procrastination, and cynicism.

6 Ways to Avoid Burnout at Work

Whether you work remotely or from your office, "work burnout" is a real thing. Burnout leads to self-doubt, energy depletion, procrastination, and cynicism. And these common symptoms of burnout could affect your rate of productivity at work. Thankfully, you can prevent burnout by being proactive with your schedule and health. Try these six simple tips.

Schedule Your Day

Specifying when to carry out a task either at work or home helps you to live a more structured life with few distractions. This doesn't mean that every aspect of your life has to be lived strictly based on your to-do list. Life happens and there are many instances when you do things outside your to-do list.

The whole idea of scheduling your day is to have a sense of stability and focus as you go about your day-to-day activities. One important aspect of your life that you need to schedule is your sleep and wake-up time.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleeping is a big step in avoiding burnout at work. When you get enough sleep, your body system rests and heals from daily stress. And this helps you to stay refreshed and focused on tasks at work. To get the most out of your sleep, practice healthy bedtime routines like keeping your smartphone out of sight, scheduling your sleep, wearing comfortable nightwear, and avoiding drinks with caffeine before sleeping.

Leave Work at Work

If you work in a fast-paced organization where work continues 24/7, you have to make a deliberate decision to leave work at work. Making this decision is necessary for you to have a life-work balance. Even if you work from home, have a particular time when you should sign off from work daily. This helps you focus on other aspects of your life as well. Be strict with your resumption and closing time from work to prevent feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Get Help

You don't have to mow the lawn, do your laundry, or clean your home if you can afford to hire someone to do these home chores. There are lots of websites and companies that offer janitorial services. Discuss your cleaning needs and how frequently you want your home to be cleaned. This frees up more time for you to participate in other life-enhancing activities, like hiking, running, or even watching your favorite TV shows. Plus by hiring help, you can spend more time reading the best finance and investment books to gain financial literacy skills.

Eat Healthy Foods

This point can not be overemphasized. Eating healthy foods supplies nutrients to your body and boosts immunity. As a way to avoid burnout at work, you can completely cut out junk food from your diet. Instead, eat foods rich in natural antidepressants like fatty fish, flaxseed, leafy greens, carrots, and Brazil nuts. Nutrients and vitamins from whole foods nourish your body and help prevent burnout.


Aside from the physical benefits of exercising, one vital advantage of exercising is that it clears up your mind and helps you focus on your work. Walking and stair climbing are two exercise routines you can easily participate in. You don't need exercise gear to partake in these workout training sessions. But you have to be intentional about exercising daily, especially if you have a busy schedule.