Hey there, my name is Christian. I am an entrepreneur, investor, and blogger. The Afford started as an Evernote of financial advice for my children.  I want to provide them with useful tools to build wealth and reach financial independence early in their careers.

I started learning about Financial Independence (FIRE) in my late 30's and after organizing my finances and investing in new assets, I am on track to reach financial independence by 50. However, my real goal is to give my children the financial tools and know-how to "Afford" the life they desire.

The Afford is my place to share personal finance, financial independence, and investment ideas with my children and anyone else interested. Content here is written by myself and a small group of financial savvy personal investors. Our goal is to achieve financial independence by maximizing our income and making smart investments with our hard earned money. You can read our Complete Guide to Financial Independence here and subscribe to our articles here (free).


We are NOT certified financial advisors, accountants, tax advisors, or finance professionals. We are individual investors who share our personal journey. While we do share our investment ideas and strategy - the information we provide is NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE specific to YOU.  Please do your own due diligence before you make any investments with your money. What works for us, many not be the best choice for you.

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