The 100X Fund

The 100X Fund is a personal collection of individual investments that our team feels have exceptional long-term upside and the potential to return 100 to 1 of our initial investment.

Each stock in the fund has met our personal criteria of attributes that are common in 100X stocks including company size, leadership, longevity, scalability, and most importantly growth prospects.

Investments included in the 100X Fund are considered risky and will almost certainly experience times of high volatility in price. Expect 10%-50% drops (and rises).

We share our own personal opinions – this is not investment advice.

What 100X is NOT:

The 100X Fund is NOT personal financial advice. These are our own ideas, what we do, and what we think will make us wealthy in the long run. We do not know your personal situation and can not tell you that the investments in the 100X fund are right for you.

Hey there 👋

My name is Chris Louis, Founder of the 100X Fund. I am an individual investor, entrepreneur, and a former Senior Marketing Executive.

I've had the great fortune of finding some incredible companies just as they were getting started. The results from those investments have been life-changing for me and my family (I just wish I had invested more at the time).

In 1999 I launched my first online business providing book summaries on an ugly website and then selling the used books on eBay. Around that time I found a website that was also selling books online called Amazon. A few years later sold my website for $900 and invested it into AMZN selling for about $1 per share.

In 2003 I was working as a graphic designer and was an avid user of Apple Products. I listened to my iPod daily and heard rumors that Apple had some great new products in the works. I purchased AAPL for around $4 per share.

In 2010 I sat in a futuristic-looking car at a trade show in Las Vegas. The thought of cars running on electricity seemed like a glimpse into the future. That year I picked up some shares of Tesla for about $20 per share (split-adjusted was about $1-2).

In 2015 I started an e-commerce company selling clothing. I used Shopify to build my business and was amazed by how easy it was to launch a website and collect payments for a small monthly fee. I picked up SHOP shares that turned a $2000 investment into $100k.

Pretty lucky right?

Well, for every win I have another story of a company that you've probably never heard of (because they went out of business).

The good news is – you can only lose 100% of your investment, but the gains can be endless.

It only takes finding one 100-bagger to achieve life-changing wealth.

Even if you find a 50X, 20X, or even 10X'er, you can get rich investing.

Just imagine if you start to pile up a stack of multi-baggers.

Financial independence – achieved.