Our Best Investment Ideas for March 2022

The 5 best investment ideas for March 2022 include some of the latest trends in e-commerce, the metaverse, artificial intelligence.

Our Best Investment Ideas for March 2022

Investing is great way to build long term wealth. Adding new investments on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) is not only a great way to build a large portfolio of assets over time, its also a smart way to diversify and dollar-cost average your portfolio.

As personal investors, we purchase new stocks each month that we think will grow in value in the next 5 to 10 years. We also add new shares to the investments we already own if we think they are a timely purchase. Maybe the share price is lower than when we purchased, bringing our average price down – or maybe we think the time is ripe to increase our holding for future gains.

The ideas below are the best investment ideas for March 2022 found by our team. Please note: this is not personalized investment advice - these are simply ideas that we are personally interested and invested in.  Do your own research and due diligence to learn if these ideas are right for you.

Amazon (AMZN)

Everyone knows, and uses, Amazon. Amazon continues to dominate online retail. The pandemic proved how much we rely on the ability to easily find an item and with the click of a finger - have it at our doorstep in two days. I don't even live near a major city, and I see the Amazon trucks everywhere. They also have this little thing called Amazon Web Services (AWS) that helps businesses big and small host websites, SAAS, and apps. AMZN hit a high of $3773 per share this year. Trading at $3220, we like the chances that it gets back to – and above its 52 week high.

Roblox (RBLX) & Meta (FB)

The metaverse has been the hottest tech trend and stock market topic in the last couple of months. While no one can seem to explain exactly what the metaverse actually is –  I think we'll be hearing about it for some time. We are so early in the metaverse that the companies leading the charge are making it up as they figure it out. You can bet the the leaders in this trend will also find ways to profit from it.

The first name that comes to mind is the company that actually changed its name from the most popular social media platform in the world to Meta. The company previously known as Facebook, now Meta, sells Oculus, a way to explore virtual worlds. We like FB here as they are a leader in this new trend. Meta also controls Facebook & Instagram – two of the most popular apps and websites in the world.

Another metaverse company that comes to mind is Roblox (RBLX). Roblox enables billions of people to play in a virtual world. Roblox has millions of developers who create experiences using the Roblox Studio. Roblox is more than a place for kids to build cool houses – it's ranked as one of the top apps for users 18 and under with plans to expand to all ages. I think Roblox is just getting started.

Upstart (UPST) & SoFi (SOFI)

Artificial Intelligence and FinTech (financial technology) are two big trends going into 2022. AI could very well be the next thing – like the internet and e-commerce before it. Labor shortages and greater efficiency in manufacturing and consumer products make AI a big win for any business. FinTech is what the millennials want - so its a good bet it's going to get much, much bigger.

Upstart is an AI platform that works with banks to disrupt traditional lending practices such as the old FICO scores. UPST  is down more than 50% from its high of $401.49. Recently Upstart reported 242% revenue growth year over year (YOY) with a 12.73% net profit margin. These are big numbers. UPST is just getting started, and while its an expensive stock – the runway is HUGE.

SoFi Technologies is a one-stop app for banking, investing, and personal finance. Millennials don't want to visit a bank – they want all of their money accessible in an app at their finger tips. SoFi puts stock investing, crypto, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, home loans – everything money into one simple app. SOFI is in the first inning and has seen its stock fall along with the rest of the tech stocks in early 2022. We think now is a great time to invest in SOFI for the long term.

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